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Gary Mizer

Gary Mizer

M.S. Student

Texas Tech University

Influence of Agriculture Production and Anthropomorphic Structures on Pronghorn Movements, Survival, and Diet in the Texas Panhandle

Gary was raised on a small farm outside Munday, TX. Much of his childhood consisted of hunting, trapping, fishing, and a general desire to get his hands on anything that moved. He received his B.S. from Texas Tech University in Natural Resources Management in 2014. After my graduation, he worked on a few projects in Wyoming, working with local government as well as the state department again. He has worked with endangered species such as Black Footed Ferret, Prebles Meadow Jumping Mouse, and the charismatic Grizzly Bear. His current research project focuses on how pronghorn movements, survival, and diet are affected by agriculture. The project is monitoring movements via GPS collars, and using the data to determine how roads, fence lines, and other barriers can alter movements. Gary has also been using metabarcoding on monthly fecal sample collections to determine how crops influence pronghorn diets.

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