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Carsten Groos

Carsten Groos

M.S. Student

Texas Tech University

Predictive population modeling for axis, aoudad, and white-tailed deer in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas

Carsten grew up in Austin, Texas and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma. Carsten attributes his love for wildlife to his time spent in the outdoors growing up. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, and conservationist, passionate about the protection of Texas' diverse native species and habitats. As an Environmental Studies student at OU, Carsten conducted research on the effectiveness of various types of pig traps for invasive species management and the impact of environmental racism on the JFK neighborhood of Oklahoma City. Carsten was also a member of the OU football team, receiving first team all-conference honors in academics and the Derrick Shepard Most Inspirational Walk-On Award. Now a graduate assistant at Texas Tech University working under Dr. Warren Conway, Carsten’s research focuses on developing predictive population models for native and exotic ungulates in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas.

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