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Agricultural Specialist

Emily Conant

M.S. in Wildlife, Aquatic and Wildlands Science and Management

Texas Tech University

May 2016

Assessing pronghorn translocation success, fawn survival and cause-specific mortality in southeast New Mexico

Emily grew up in Western Massachusetts and received her Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana. She spent four years moving around the west working in wildlife and fisheries on a variety of projects for variety of agencies including the US Forest Service, Oregon State University, Utah DWR and Idaho Fish and Game, before returning to graduate school. Emily completed her M.Sc. at Texas Tech University in 2016 with Dr. Mark Wallace and Dr. Warren Conway. Her research assessed pronghorn translocation as a management strategy and the use of vaginal implant transmitters to study pronghorn fawn survival in Southeastern New Mexico. After graduate school, Emily moved around the country, working with grizzly bears outside Yellowstone, endangered and threatened Sonoran Desert species at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and in invasive species management on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is currently an Agricultural Specialist in Southern Arizona.

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