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PostDoc Research Associate, Michigan State University

Matthew Buchholz

Ph.D. in Wildlife, Aquatic and Wildlands Science and Management

Texas Tech University

May 2022

Ecology of Free-ranging Axis Deer (Axis axis) in the Edwards Plateau Ecoregion of
Central Texas: Population Density, Genetics, and Impacts of an Invasive Deer Species

Matt grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point for his undergraduate degree. After graduation, he moved to Kentucky to pursue his master's degree at Western Kentucky University studying the relationship between small mammals, ticks, and Lyme Disease. He decided that he enjoyed wildlife research and wanted to pursue a Ph.D., and he came to Texas Tech University to study the ecology of free-ranging axis deer. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, hiking, camping, wildlife photography, and woodworking.

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