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Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant, Texas Tech University

Michael Whitson

M.S. in Wildlife, Aquatic and Wildlands Science and Management

Texas Tech University

Dec 2017

Use of moist-soil management techniques for wintering waterfowl in fallow rice fields on the Upper Texas Coast

Michael received his B.S. degree in Range and Wildlife Management from Texas Tech University. He has worked in a multitude of positions with and array of federal agencies, state departments, and private entities, including in managerial positions working for NGOs. He has worked for Texas Parks & Wildlife as an intern, the U.S. National Park Service at the Big Thicket National Preserve Fire Office, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service at McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge He has worked assisting with wildlife and vegetation research in a variety of ecosystems including playa lakes, bottomland hardwoods, coastal wetlands, coastal prairie, piney-woods and longleaf pine forest, and in shinnery oak and mixed grass prairie systems. He has worked with a variety of species including waterfowl, shorebirds, upland game birds, small mammals, large ungulates, and species of concern including mottled ducks, snowy plovers, and lesser prairie-chickens. He decided to further his education and began his M. S. research at Stephen F. Austin University studying the use of moist-soil management techniques in Texas coast wetlands for waterfowl. He Transferred to Texas Tech University, following his major advisor Dr. Conway, and successfully received an M. S. in Wildlife, Aquatic and Wildland Science and Management. Michael was then offered multiple opportunities to perform research in pursuit of a PhD. He subsequently began work with Dr. Blake Grisham at TTU evaluating the effects and management implications of using prescribed fires and grazing system on lesser prairie-chicken habitat selection and nesting success. Michael hopes to continue to develop and perform wildlife related research in an academic setting.

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